Frequently Asked Questions about our Article Submission Service

Q How can article submissions help me promote my site?

A In each article you give us for distribution there are links to your site – sometimes in the text of the article itself, sometimes in the resource box / author bio of the article. These links not only bring you direct traffic from the article sites the article is submitted to, but also improve your rankings in the search engines – which means more search traffic for your site.

Q How is your service different from other existing services?

A You might have seen services offering article distribution to hundreds or even thousands of article directories, regardless of the value of those directories. As a rule, they are just spammy cloned sites not adding any value for your site. Also, these submission services do their submissions automatically. We, on the other hand, offer only manual submissions to carefully selected on-topic article sites that bring your site both traffic and link value.

Q Is your service only for affiliate sites?

A While the main focus of our service is affiliates, we can provide article submissions for owners of any other type of site as well! You are welcome to place your order with us.

Q Do I have to write the articles myself or can you write them for me?

A Generally, our customers provide us with their own articles. If, however, you have no time or inclination to write an article, you can use this article writing service and get as many articles written for you as you need – you only have to define the topic.