About Us

AffSubmissions is an article distribution service that has been started by a group of affiliate and online marketing professionals who know first hand how difficult it is for a site owner to be able to concentrate on all the site promotion tasks, in addition to its maintenance.

The goal of our service is to help you spend more time doing what you do best – monetizing your sites, finding new lucrative offers, offering new products to your site visitors – while we do the promotion.

We have chosen article marketing because historically it has been one of the most effective site promotion tools for many affiliates. By distributing an article covering the specifics of your market or product, you reach out to thousands of potentially interested consumers and in the meantime establish your authority in your niche, showing them that you know your product and can give them an educated opinion on all its pros and cons. No surprise that a person will be more likely to buy a product marketed by many, from you – since you have built a certain trust level with them already.

So sit back, build or update your site, write an article about your offer – and we will do the rest while you enjoy the profits!